Episode 154 — Sam Lipsyte


Sam Lipsyte is the guest. His new story collection, The Fun Parts, is now available from Farrar, Straus, & Giroux.

Ben Fountain raves

Lipsyte expertly works the line between hilarity and pathos.

And Publishers Weekly, in a starred review, says

In this second story collection, fierce satire mingles with warmth and pathos as Lipsyte (The Ask) showcases his knack for stylistic variety and tangles with the thorny human experiences of moving beyond one’s past or shedding one’s personal baggage . . . Lipsyte’s biting humor suffuses the collection, but it’s his ability to control the relative darkness of each moment that makes the stories so engrossing.

Monologue topics: mountain rescue, urban heroism, mail, ménage-á-trois clarifications.