Episode 185 — Maggie Nelson


Maggie Nelson is the guest. She is the critically acclaimed author of books like The Red Parts, Bluets, and The Art of Cruelty.

The New York Times Book Review calls The Art of Cruelty

An important and frequently surprising book . . . could be read as the foundation for a post-avant-garde aesthetics. 
. . . Nelson, who is also a poet, is such a graceful writer that 
I . . . just sat back and enjoyed the show.

And BOMB Magazine says of Bluets

From blue factoids like Benedict de Saussure’s 1789 invention of ‘cyanometer, with which he hoped to measure the blue of the sky,’ to her own struggles with depression, Nelson gifts us with what seems like a lifetime study of blue while somehow slyly avoiding any of the obvious ‘blue’ clichés. Maggie Nelson continues to raise the bar higher in what a reader can expect from a book. Bluets is smart yet intimate, quiet yet provocative, and a welcome addition to the poetic non-fiction discourse.

Monologue topics: mortality, memory, writing, childhood, wiping, O.J. Simpson, major cultural moments.

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