Gchat Transcript re: The Launch of Otherppl


The following is a gchat that took place on March 17, 2014, moments after this website debuted on the Internet. 

mira gonzalez (mg):  ohh yeahhh

brad listi (bl): here we go.

mg: this tampon tweet sarah did is so fucking funny

bl: what did she say

spencer madsen (sm): 85% chance she has two tampons in which she later referred to as ‘tampon tampon’

mg: and then she said this
‘just a bunch of spare tampons in case of tampon tampon’

bl:  this is, like, the 3rd time i’ve ever gchatted

sm: god damn it brad

mg: dad listi

sm: let the record show brad listi is 40

mg: i can hear your fucking podcast voice in the gchat

bl: 38 and proud

sm: fuck now i can too
god damn it

bl: dulcet tones
i get letters about my voice everyday

mg: what
talk abt your voice more

bl: i don’t even know what ‘dulcet tones’ means

sm:  i want to go to sleep

mg: god i love weed

bl: so guys. we’re launching otherppl.com
we should discuss what this means.

sm: cool segue

mg: what the fuck am i supposed to be talking about

bl: segway is the vehicle

mg: i havent eaten in 24 hours
like 30 hours

sm: mira yr eating disorder is boring for me

mg: i hate everything about u

sm: especially my dick

mg: yeh dont say that it’s bad

sm: its bad that i said it, or my dick is bad

mg: i keep thinking ‘spencer put a tampon in his dick’

sm: you can edit this out, right brad

mg: no
brad can’t do that

sm: brad is 40

mg: he’s not a fucking MIRACLE WORKER
brad listi, age 40

bl: 38 and in my prime

sm: why are we doing this

mg: spencer yr a cry baby

bl: we should let people know what we’re doing w/ otherppl.com
like…what’s the concept here

mg: im just like abusing spencer

sm: im going to masturbate soon

mg: im not
im too hungry

bl:  the new site has a ‘magazine component’

sm: dont say that

mg: wtf

bl: what am i supposed to say

mg: brad listi

bl: this is the big launch, you guys

mg: is 40
you guys im fucking
too high
for this

sm: is this really the big launch
this gchat is the big launch

mg: what

sm: thats so bleak

mg: omg
u ppl are my worst nightmare
other ppl? more like nightmare ppl

bl: we’re going to post stuff and people will be able to read it

mg: i can do that on twitter.com

sm: twitter.com

mg:  https://twitter.com/sarahjeanalex/status/445800287631310848

sm: brad’s trying to make a new twitter, i think

bl: that’s the spirit.
we’re gonna take down a giant.

mg: i could hide pens in my vagina

sm: when do i get to leave

mg: in case i ever needed to smuggle some pens

sm: im sleepy

mg: w/e

bl: are you guys excited about this at all

mg: what if neither of us said anything now

bl: lol

mg: cut it off there and use that for the launch

bl: perfect.
thanks guys.
spencer i love you.

sm: cut it off at ‘are u guys excited about this at all’ imo
brad adopt me

mg: cut it off after ‘brad adopt me’

bl: but in all seriousness: please post stuff

mg: im serious

sm: still feel my ending is better

bl: we need high quality content

mg: w/e shit boy
ok ok
not u brad
spencer is shit boy

sm: am i shit boy or fuck boy

bl: spencer is video-chatting with some girl right now

sm: yea
i been video chatting this whole time

bl: multiple screens

mg: ugh
im gonna go to palm springs and be high for 3 days

bl: i didn’t have email until i was a sophomore in college

sm: laughing

mg: omg

bl: hey at least i went to college

sm: laughing

miralgonzalez: laughing

bl: they taught me email

sm: laughing

mg: email college
i got my college degree in email

bl: that’s pretty much it

sm: laughing

mg: majored in email

bl: i want to learn from your generation

mg: ‘young ppl these days’ -listi

bl: maybe that’s what this site can be about
‘the collision of generations’

mg: omg

Brad Listi: i feel like we have a ‘sitcom dynamic’

sm: afk

mg: brad no

Brad Listi: (lol) what?

mg: no

sm: i think we have a funny dynamic but we cant point to it

bl: so maybe that’s what the site will be about
trying to figure out what the dynamic is

mg: spencer are you masturbating rn

sm: im fully masturbating