Episode 127 — Eric Raymond


Eric Raymond is today’s guest.  His debut novel, Confessions from a Dark Wood, is now available from Sator Press.

Sam Lipsyte raves

“The world of Eric Raymond’s winning novel may be the ‘post-idea economy,’ but rest assured, the book is never post-smart, or post-funny. It’s a rollicking and inventive corporate (and cultural) satire—get in now at the ground floor, people.”

And Blake Butler says

“In a world where cash has become language, Eric Raymond’s Confessions from a Dark Wood wastes no syllable in converting cultural mechanisms into a well-oiled, wise-cracking machine. Smart as Saunders, tight as Ellis, but banking waters of its own, after this one we’ll no longer ‘forget they built the Magic Kingdom on swamps.'”

Monologue topics:  December, The Piñatas, the waiting game, seasonal affective disorder, the holidays, gift ideas, TNB Books.

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