Episode 191 — Elliott Holt


Elliott Holt is the guest. Her debut novel, You Are One of Them, is now available from Penguin.

The New York Times Book Review raves

You Are One of Them is a hugely absorbing first novel from a writer with a fluid, vivid style and a rare knack for balancing the pleasure of entertainment with the deeper gratification of insight. More, please.

And Darin Strauss says

Elliott Holt is not just a promising writer, but a great writer. She’s young, and she’s a master. I was going to write that You Are One of Them could’ve been written by an Alice Munro or a Susan Minot, but that would be wrong. Because this book could only have been written by Elliott Holt, whose powerful new voice is her own.

Also in this episode:  a brief conversation with Alexander Maksik, whose new novel A Marker to Measure Drift is the official July selection of the TNB Book Club.

Monologue topics: lovely and talented, sexism, feminism, TNB Book Club.

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