Episode 26 — David Shields


David Shields is the guest.

He’s the author of twelve books, including Reality Hunger: A Manifesto (Knopf, 2010), which was named one of the best books of the year by more than thirty publications; The Thing About Life Is That One Day You’ll Be Dead (Knopf, 2008), a New York Times bestseller; Black Planet: Facing Race during an NBA Season, a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award; Remote: Reflections on Life in the Shadow of Celebrity, winner of the PEN/Revson Award; and Dead Languages: A Novel, winner of the PEN Syndicated Fiction Award.

An interesting conversation with a provocative and intelligent commentator on the state of modern literature.

We get into it.

Topics include:  J.D. Salinger, Fakes, Matthew Vollmer, the pleasure of concision, Reality Hunger, the symbiotic relationship between teaching and writing, attribution, collage, hip-hop, narrative, Ben Lerner, entertainment, Speedboat, Maggie Nelson, contemporary culture, Jonathan Franzen, northern California, activism, Brown, Black Planet, art, sugar pills, sports, injury, reading, Shakespeare, ambition, and the Rockefeller library.

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