Episode 269 — Labor Day Special


Today’s show features conversations with multiple authors, all of whom have contributed to a new anthology entitled Labor Day: True Birth Stories by Today’s Best Women Writers. Guests include the anthology’s editors, Eleanor Henderson and Anna Solomon, as well as Amy Brill, Arielle Greenberg, Cristina Henriquez, Heidi Julavits, Jane Roper, Rachel Jamison Webster, Sarah Jefferis, and Sarah Strickley.


Episode 261 — Antonia Crane


Antonia Crane is the guest. Her new memoir, Spent, is now available from Rare Bird Lit / A Barnacle Book. 

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Episode 244 — Hilton Als


Hilton Als is the guest. His latest book, White Girls, is now available from McSweeney’s—and it has just been nominated for the National Book Critics Circle Award for criticism. (Photo credit: Thea Goldberg.)