Listener Feedback — Vol. 3


A listener named Gina weighs in on my origins: Don’t be ashamed about being from Indiana.  It’s a cultural disadvantage that can be overcome. A listener named Ty, who sent word a while back re: the recent spate of ‘double features’ and episode length, wrote back in a guilty frame of mind, with second thoughts: […]

Listener Feedback: Vol. 2


A listener named Ty weighs in on the recent spate of ‘double-header’ episodes: I love the show, but lately the double-header and mini interviews have swelled the length of the show into uncomfortable territory. Too much of a good thing, pineapple for example, can leave a stinging feeling in the mouth (or brain). I am […]

Listener Feedback: Vol. 1


So I think I’m gonna start posting selected feedback from listeners here on the site.  I keep getting interesting emails, many of which seem worthy of presentation, or, better yet, some kind of dialogue.  I figured I’d share. In the monologue for Episode 151 — Lesley Arfin, I read an email from a listener named […]