Listener Feedback — Vol. 5


A listener named Patricia keeps having wildlife encounters in the desert while listening to the program:

Listener Feedback — Vol. 4


A frustrated listener named Daniel has a suggestion: I think it would be interesting to interview some editors from online literary journals like Jersey Devil Press, Defenestration, Paper Darts, or whomever. I’ve been sending out work for the last six months with nothing but form rejections.  I’m curious to hear what it’s like from their […]

Listener Feedback: Vol. 2


A listener named Ty weighs in on the recent spate of ‘double-header’ episodes: I love the show, but lately the double-header and mini interviews have swelled the length of the show into uncomfortable territory. Too much of a good thing, pineapple for example, can leave a stinging feeling in the mouth (or brain). I am […]