Episode 151 — Lesley Arfin


Lesley Arfin is the guest. She was a staff writer on the first two seasons of the hit television show Girls, starring Lena Dunham, and she also writes for the MTV series Awkward.  Her book, Dear Diary, is based on a column of the same name that originally appeared in Vice magazine.  It was published […]

Episode 84 — Elizabeth Collins


Elizabeth Collins is today’s guest.  She’s the editor of The Beautiful Anthology, a collection of essays, stories, and poems from TNB Books, all of which are centered on the topic of beauty.  She’s also the author of a memoir called Too Cool for School, available later this year from HBH Press. Diana Spechler, author of […]

Episode 65 — Matt Bell


Matt Bell is the guest.  He’s the author of several chapbooks, a fiction collection called How They Were Found, and his most recent book is a novella called Cataclysm Baby, now available from Mud Luscious Press. Karen Russell, author of Swamplandia!, raves: In extraordinary language, with deep feeling, Matt Bell has crafted a baby name […]