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Episode 161 — Periel Aschenbrand

Periel Aschenbrand is the guest. She is the author of two memoirs, the latest of which is called On My Knees. It is available now for pre-order and will be published by Harper Perennial on June 18, 2013. Jonathan Ames raves: Ribald, outrageous, gutter-mouthed, hilarious—a startling new voice in American letters. Watch out Portnoy, watch […]


Chicago Reader recommends the podcast, calls it ‘charmingly dour’

Chicago Reader has recommended the podcast in its ‘Culture Vultures’ feature.  Many kind thanks to Dmitry Samarov. …Listi interviews writers of every type—from Lesley Arfin, who wrote for the HBO show Girls, to literary lightning rod David Shields, to Bernie Glassman, who pioneered the American Zen movement. Each episode starts with the charmingly dour and […]


Episode 160 — Giancarlo DiTrapano

Giancarlo DiTrapano is the guest. He’s the editor of NY Tyrant magazine and the publisher of Tyrant Books, an independent press based in New York City. His authors include Brian Evensen, Blake Butler, Eugene Marten, and Michael Kimball.  Solip, a new novel by Ken Baumann, is due out in May.  And in June he’ll be […]


Episode 159 — Amber Dermont

Amber Dermont is the guest. Her debut novel, The Starboard Sea, was a New York Times bestseller, and her new story collection, Damage Control, is now available. Both were published by St. Martin’s. Marilynne Robinson raves With unflinching wit, Amber Dermont examines the harsh vicissitudes of life, and though the worlds she creates are often […]


Listener Feedback — Vol. 3

A listener named Gina weighs in on my origins: Don’t be ashamed about being from Indiana.  It’s a cultural disadvantage that can be overcome. A listener named Ty, who sent word a while back re: the recent spate of ‘double features’ and episode length, wrote back in a guilty frame of mind, with second thoughts: […]

Episode 158 — Tom Hansen

Tom Hansen is the guest. He is the author of the memoir American Junkie and a new novel called This is What We Do. Both are available from Emergency Press. Grace Krilanovich says There’s what people say, and then there’s what they do. The phrase will infect your consciousness, contorting and twisting itself around to […]


Episode 157 — Ayana Mathis

Ayana Mathis is today’s guest. Her debut novel, The Twelve Tribes of Hattie, was an official selection of Oprah’s Book Club 2.0 and has since gone on to become a New York Times bestseller. It is available now from Knopf. (Photo credit: Rob Howard.) Kirkus, in a starred review, calls it Cutting, emotional…pure heartbreak…though Mathis […]


Episode 156 — Tim Horvath

Tim Horvath is the guest. His new story collection, Understories, is now available from Bellevue Literary Press.  (Photo credit: Clay Enos) The Minneapolis Star-Tribune calls it Profound . . . with more to say on the human condition than most full books… A remarkable collection, with pitch-perfect leaps of imagination. And HTML Giant says This […]


Episode 155 — Lenore Zion

Lenore Zion is the guest. She is the author of two books, the first of which, a humor collection called My Dead Pets Are Interesting, was published by TNB Books in 2011. And now her debut novel, Stupid Children, has just been published by Emergency Press. Necessary Fiction raves Stupid Children is a bildungsroman of […]


Listener Feedback: Vol. 2

A listener named Ty weighs in on the recent spate of ‘double-header’ episodes: I love the show, but lately the double-header and mini interviews have swelled the length of the show into uncomfortable territory. Too much of a good thing, pineapple for example, can leave a stinging feeling in the mouth (or brain). I am […]


Episode 154 — Sam Lipsyte

Sam Lipsyte is the guest. His new story collection, The Fun Parts, is now available from Farrar, Straus, & Giroux. Ben Fountain raves Lipsyte expertly works the line between hilarity and pathos. And Publishers Weekly, in a starred review, says In this second story collection, fierce satire mingles with warmth and pathos as Lipsyte (The […]


Episode 153 — Christine Sneed

Christine Sneed is the guest. Her new novel, Little Known Facts, was featured on the cover of the New York Times Book Review last week. It is available now from Bloomsbury. Booklist, in a starred review, calls it An ensnaring first novel that delves into the complex challenges and anguish of living with and in […]