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Episode 109 — Benjamin Wood

Benjamin Wood is the guest.  His debut novel, The Bellwether Revivals, is now available from Viking in the United States and Simon & Schuster in the UK. The Bellwether Revivals was an official selection of The TNB Book Club. Joanna Smith Rakoff raves Oh how I loved this novel! I was drawn in from the […]


Episode 108 — Amber Sparks

Amber Sparks is today’s guest.  Her debut story collection, May We Shed These Human Bodies, is now available from Curbside Splendor. Raves Michael Kimball: There was Aesop, Thomas Bulfinch, Edith Hamilton, Angela Carter–and now there is Amber Sparks with a new take on the fable. May We Shed These Human Bodies is a clever, scary, […]


An Exchange Between David Quigg and Lauren Groff

A listener named David Quigg has posted a heartfelt and wonderfully written account of his struggles this past year, and how hearing Lauren Groff on this program, and then exchanging emails with her, helped him to arrive at some new clarity. Pleased and proud that the show played a small part in helping to incite […]


Episode 107 — D.T. Max

D.T. Max is the guest.  He’s a staff writer at The New Yorker magazine and the author of Every Love Story is a Ghost Story:  A Life of David Foster Wallace, now available from Viking. The San Francisco Chronicle calls it A well-crafted, insightful chronicle of this singular writer’s life and literary work…Max’s biography succeeds […]


Episode 106 — Thad Ziolkowski

Thad Ziolkowski is today’s guest.  He’s the author of the memoir On a Wave (Grove/Atlantic), which was nominated for the 2003 PEN/Martha Albrand Award, and his debut novel, Wichita, is now available from Tonga Books, an imprint of Europa Editions.  He is a Guggenheim fellow and the director of the writing program at the Pratt […]


Episode 105 — Leigh Stein

Leigh Stein is today’s guest.  She’s the author of the novel The Fallback Plan and the poetry collection Dispatch from the Future, both of which are now available from Melville House. Publishers Weekly hailed Dispatch as one of its best books of Summer 2012, saying Stein possesses a comic’s honesty and sense of timing, simultaneously […]


Episode 104 — David Abrams

David Abrams is the guest.  He’s the author of the debut novel Fobbit, which is now available from Grove/Atlantic. Publishers Weekly, in a starred reviews, says Abrams’s debut is a harrowing satire of the Iraq War and an instant classic….Abrams, a 20-year Army veteran who served with a public affairs team in Iraq, brings great […]


The Rumpus Interview

I’ve been interviewed by The Rumpus (thanks Leah Tallon!).  An excerpt: The Rumpus: You get into some pretty personal shit sometimes. Do you think that’s part of the popularity of the podcast? Are people just really nosey? Listi: People love honesty.  Honesty is medicinal, I think.  It makes people feel less lonely in the world. […]

Episode 103 — Dana Johnson

Dana Johnson is the guest.  She’s the author of the story collection Break Any Woman Down, winner of the Flannery O’Connor award for short fiction, and her debut novel, Elsewhere, California, is now available from Counterpoint. Aimee Bender raves I love listening to Avery talk about anything and everything, from the Dodgers to the art […]


Episode 102 — Alix Ohlin

Alix Ohlin is the guest.  She’s the author of several books, the most recent of which are the story collection Signs and Wonders, available now from Vintage, and a novel called Inside, available Knopf.  Both were published in June of this year. Jane Ciabattari of The Boston Globe raves Alix Ohlin’s wondrously engrossing Inside and […]


Episode 101 — Matthew Batt

Matthew Batt is today’s guest.  He’s the author of the memoir Sugarhouse, now available from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Andre Dubus III raves It’s hard to write funny, especially when your world is crumbling around you, but in this utterly compelling memoir, Matt Batt makes it look easy. This is a sweet and deeply memorable debut […]