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Episode 13 — Megan Boyle

Megan Boyle is the guest.  She’s the author of selected unpublished blog posts of a mexican panda express employee, an unorthodox debut poetry collection from Muumuu House. At the time of this interview, she had been up for 36 hours and was staying at her dad’s place in Baltimore. Topics of conversation include: Baltimore, Applebee’s, […]


Impose Magazine Has Nice Things to Say About Other People

  Josh Spilker has some kind words for the podcast over at Impose magazine. (Thanks, Josh!) Here’s the gist: …there’s been a new entry. Other People Podcast by Brad Listi. Brad is from The Nervous Breakdown and does it right. He talks to novelists about writing. He talks about their personal quirks. He touches a […]

Episode 12 — Diana Spechler

A great conversation with Diana Spechler, author of the novels Who By Fire and Skinny, both from Harper Perennial. We get into it. Topics of conversation include:  tequila, book tour, cocktail waitressing, pizza delivery, horrible bosses, getting fired, the fact that your friendly waitress is not hitting on you, nudity, dancing, weight loss, Boulder, weight […]


Episode 11 — Adam Levin

Adam Levin is the guest.  He’s the author of The Instructions, a 1,030-page novel published by McSweeney’s in late 2010 to great critical acclaim. “Evocative of David Foster Wallace,” writes Rolling Stone, “full of death-defying sentences, manic wit, exciting provocations and simple human warmth.” Topics of conversation include:  page counts, cigarettes, discipline, work schedules, exotic […]


McSweeney’s ‘Recommends’ Other People

  Good news!  The editors at McSweeney’s have included Other People in the latest edition of their ‘McSweeney’s Recommends’ column. Some very kind words about the show:   My thanks to the folks at McSweeney’s! And: humbling to have the show compared to WTF.  Marc Maron is brilliant. If you’re not listening to him, something’s […]


Episode 10 — Alexander Maksik

  Alexander Maksik is the guest.  An old buddy of mine, one of the original writers at The Nervous Breakdown, and a graduate of the Iowa Writers Workshop, where he was a Truman Capote Fellow. He’s now the author of You Deserve Nothing, one of the most buzzed-about novels of the fall season.  It’s available […]


Episode 9 — Steve Almond

Such a great pleasure to have Steve Almond on the show.  His new story collection, God Bless America, is due out from Lookout Books on October 25th.  Lorrie Moore calls it “funny and beguiling and completely original.” Wanna buy it now?  Go straight to the publisher. And of course it’ll be available where books are […]


Episode 8 — Victoria Patterson

  Okay then.  Here we go.  Episode 8 is here.  It’s ready.  You can listen to it.  Just push PLAY (below).  Or subscribe for free at iTunes. The guest is Victoria Patterson, author of the story collection Drift and the debut novel This Vacant Paradise, both from Counterpoint, both critically acclaimed, both set in Newport […]


Episode 7 — Blake Butler

Blake Butler is the guest.  (Just push PLAY below.)  Or listen (and subscribe!), free of charge, at iTunes. He’s the founder of the popular literary blog HTML Giant.  He’s the author of the novella Ever (Calamari Press); the author of Scorch Atlas, a novel-in-stories, from Featherproof Books; the author of the novel There is No […]


Episode 6 — Jessica Anya Blau

I like this show a lot.  I like the conversation.  We get into stuff.  Jess is a fantastic guest—funny as hell and open and honest and all the rest. We talk about books, of course.  But we also talk about things like Santa Barbara and Berkeley and the loss of one’s virginity and high school […]


Episode 5 — Greg Olear

  Episode 5 – Greg Olear.  Here you go. Greg, in addition to being a terrific author, is the senior editor over at The Nervous Breakdown.  He is the author of novels Totally Killer (2009) and the brand new Fathermucker (October 2011), both published by Harper Paperbacks. A good conversation that touches on a variety […]