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Episode 4 — Ron Currie, Jr.

Here we have it:  Episode 4 – Ron Currie, Jr. One of the brighter young lights in the literary firmament.  One of those guys who deserves a huge audience, who writes daring books that will, as you read them, change your body temperature. He wrote a story called “The Bridge” (it can be found in […]


Episode 3 — Emma Straub

Episode 3 is here.  Another sneak preview.  (Just push PLAY below.  Or listen for free via iTunes.  And the podcast is also now available over at Stitcher, gratis.   Listen on your phone, iPod, iPad, etc.  FREE!) In today’s show: my conversation with Emma Straub, author of the novella Flyover State (Flatmancrooked) and the story collection […]


Episode 2 — Melissa Febos

  And here we have the second episode. Melissa Febos, author of the memoir Whip Smart, which details the years she spent working as dominatrix in New York City.  There was some heroin addiction.  Some college.  Some wild experiences.  Some near-death experiences. PS.  Please tell your friends about the show!  And follow it on the […]


Episode 1 — Jonathan Evison

  Okay.  Finally.  This is it.  Episode 1 of Other People is here.  It’s done.  It exists.  It’s live.  It’s real. We start out in style, with Johnny Evison, bestselling author of All About Lulu (Soft Skull) and West of Here (Algonquin).  He’s also the executive editor of The Nervous Breakdown. The conversation is wide-ranging.  […]