Episode 39 — Caroline Leavitt


Caroline Leavitt is the guest.  She’s the author of nine novels, the most recent of which is called Pictures of You, a New York Times bestseller, now available from Algonquin Books.

Kirkus Reviews calls it “heartfelt, deft, and highly readable fiction.”

A great publishing success story.  A breakout book on the ninth try, by an author who never stopped working, even when the chips were down.

Topics of conversation include:  Algonquin, elves, false summits, neuroticism, criticism, Amazon rankings, life-changers, Waltham, disorientation, fear, bullies, bad luck, Ann Arbor, Berkeley, Brandeis, Norman Mailer, bad teachers, Hoboken, Manhattan, and depression.

Monologue topics:  famous recluses, homeless speed freaks, making out with strange dogs.

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