Episode 136 — Christine Schutt


Christine Schutt is today’s guest.  She’s the award-winning author of several books. Her first novel, Florida, was a National Book Award finalist, and her second novel, All Souls, was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize.  Her latest novel, Prosperous Friends, is now available from Grove Press.

Sam Lipsyte raves

Prosperous Friends is masterful, a comic-tragic astonishment. Christine Schutt continues to write some of the most original and rewarding prose I’ve ever read.

And Gary Lutz says

It is no longer a secret that Christine Schutt is the finest writer among us, and Prosperous Friends is her finest work yet. There isn’t a corner in any of her sentences left ungraced by her lyrical genius, her heart-fathoming wisdom. A few pages in, you’ll know you have a classic in your hands.

Monologue topics:  New Year’s resolutions, killing my Facebook account, purging, getting rid of things, newspapers, radios.

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