Episode 192 — Alissa Nutting


Alissa Nutting is the guest. Her debut novel, Tampa, is now available from Ecco. Time magazine calls it A gutsy attempt by a young, female author to embody a wholly unsympathetic female narrator and probe the question of whether society lets women essentially get away with crimes for which men are excoriated. And Salon says […]

Episode 191 — Elliott Holt


Elliott Holt is the guest. Her debut novel, You Are One of Them, is now available from Penguin. The New York Times Book Review raves You Are One of Them is a hugely absorbing first novel from a writer with a fluid, vivid style and a rare knack for balancing the pleasure of entertainment with […]

Episode 190 — Sean Carswell


Sean Carswell is the guest. His new novel is called Madhouse Fog. Patricia Geary says I’m a huge fan of Carswell’s fiction: he’s intelligent, hilarious, incisive, and his ear for dialogue is extraordinary. Nevertheless, I found Madhouse Fog to be a geometric progression of his talent—besides being compelling and wonderfully strange (I lost sleep over […]