Episode 169 — Fiona Maazel


Fiona Maazel is the guest. Her new novel, Woke Up Lonely, is now available from Graywolf Press. The Daily Beast says [Maazel] has a real talent for taking these existential millstones of modern life—fear of death, failure, being alone, everything—and filtering them into morbidly funny, troublingly familiar forms. . . . Woke Up Lonely easily […]

Episode 168 — Scott Nadelson


Scott Nadelson is the guest. His new memoir, The Next Scott Nadelson: A Life in Progress, is now available from Hawthorne Books. Kirkus calls it Eloquent and universal. And The Portland Mercury says It’s unusual to read a memoir built of short stories, but it works—instead of forcing a narrative arc onto his own life, […]

Episode 167 — Tupelo Hassman


Tupelo Hassman is the guest. Her debut novel, Girlchild, has just been published in paperback by Picador. The New York Times raves A voice as fresh as hers is so rare that at times I caught myself cheering. . . .I’d go anywhere with this writer. And The Boston Globe says So fresh, original, and […]