Episode 135 — Brian Allen Carr


Brian Allen Carr is today’s guest. He is the award-winning author of the story collection Short Bus, and his latest collection, Vampire Conditions, is now available from Holler Presents. Harrold Jaffe says Vampire Conditions melds a precise Texas regional with gothic, recalling Flannery O’Connor, who wrote out of Georgia. But Carr’s intricate narrative patterns, jump […]

Mira Gonzalez’s mom ‘live-tweets’ Episode 133


Mira Gonzalez is the guest on Episode 133.  It has come to my attention that her mother, Lora Norton, listened to the show and ‘live-tweeted’ the experience. Below is a sampling of Lora’s reaction to the episode, as captured on Twitter….

Episode 134 — Robert Kloss


Robert Kloss is the guest. His latest novel, The Alligators of Abraham, is now available from Mud Luscious Press. David Ohle raves In this amazing, collapsed-time text, I’m led along dark alleys of American history by an all-seeing voice-over narrative that reports on things from a great height and in an ultra-factual way. Familiar events […]