Episode 39 — Caroline Leavitt


Caroline Leavitt is the guest.  She’s the author of nine novels, the most recent of which is called Pictures of You, a New York Times bestseller, now available from Algonquin Books. Kirkus Reviews calls it “heartfelt, deft, and highly readable fiction.” Topics of conversation include:  Algonquin, elves, false summits, neuroticism, criticism, Amazon rankings, life-changers, Waltham, […]

Full Stop Comments on Episode 37


Full Stop magazine has written about the podcast: In the past week I came across two rather disparate author reactions to their fans. Strangely enough, the “nice guy” writes books that focus on, in his words, “a preoccupation with the invasive nature of violence in our lives.” The not-so-nice guy is a children’s book author. […]

Episode 38 — Vanessa Veselka


Vanessa Veselka is the guest.  She’s the author of the novel Zazen, now available from Red Lemonade. Says Publishers Weekly:  “Veselka’s prose is chiseled and laced with arsenic observations…[Zazen] makes a case for hope and meaning amid sheer madness.” Topics of conversation include:  mindless jobs, minimum wage, stripping, company loyalty, stock loyalty, the Atlantic, deadlines, […]