Episode 4 — Ron Currie, Jr.


Ron is one of our very best writers. His new novel is called Flimsy Little Plastic Miracles. Enjoy.

Episode 3 — Emma Straub


Episode 3 is here.  In today’s show: my conversation with Emma Straub, author of the novella Flyover State (Flatmancrooked) and the story collection Other People We Married (FiveChapters).  She’s also got her debut novel in the works, forthcoming from Riverhead Press.  It’s called Laura Lamont’s Life in Pictures.

Episode 2 — Melissa Febos


  And here we have the second episode. Melissa Febos, author of the memoir Whip Smart, which details the years she spent working as dominatrix in New York City.  There was some heroin addiction.  Some college.  Some wild experiences.  Some near-death experiences.